Policies and Proceedures with Buying


❄️If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase you may be eligible for a return. (Information listed below)

❄️If your item to be returned is not stained, damaged, or that of odors, pet hair and tags attached within 7 days of payment (or receiving if it is to be shipped) you will be eligible for a cash voucher ( after receiving in the store and after inspection) to be used on a future purchase.

💥Future purchase MUST be used within 14 days of refund! If you do not claim within the 14 days after your item was received in store your purchase will be voided and no future claim will be accepted.💥

💥I will not remind you to make your future claim you must be able to do this on your own. If your item is shipped back to me in a timely manor (within 7 days of receiving item) you will be notified I have received the item and you will have two weeks business and non business days to make that next claim💥

❄️Return funds and winning funds may be used on items in house (in store) only. These funds are to be used on full priced non sale/clearance items.

💥Any item prices under 15%off price point WILL NOT be eligible for a return.💥

❄️After your initial first return you will be able to choose an item of your choosing at full price, not on live sales or clearance to supplement for your item return, at that point of choosing all sales will be final, no other returns may be made for that particular transaction.

❄️Items will be shipped within a 2-4 business days after purchase has been made. (Generally within 48 with exceptions of holidays or weekend hours) any items paid for after noon on Friday that week will be shipped the following Monday.

—💚Local Pickup💚—

❄️Local pick ups will only be available at the iron gate mall in Hibbing within Store hours of operation Posted under link called In Store Shopping, If this will not work for you then shipping is the best option.

💥If your item is NOT picked up after 6 weeks of paying I will send you a PM to let you know your item must be shipped if you do NOT pay your invoice for shipping within 24 hours I will be putting your item in a donation box for our local clothing places in need.

💥💥PLEASE be prompt with pick ups I will no longer be housing items weeks on end. If you can not make the store hours then please pay for shipping or have a friend or family member pick the items up for you in a timely manor.

💖Please understand I am only human, I run a one person show here and can only remember so much, I am subject to mistakes time and again. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you are unhappy with something please be kind about it. Any bullying or bad mouthing will be grounds for group deletion and you ultimately being blocked from the group and future purchases.💖